d&d meme stealth is optional animated

Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes V!

Just when you thought it was safe to look at the Internet again, another Attack cometh! Enjoy, or maybe take aspirin. Whatever seems appropriate at the time.

You know there are four other Attacks, right? First, Second, Third, and Fourth! No mortal has read all five in one day and survived! Ok, well a couple of people have. Wait, alright, everyone who has ever tried has. But I bet someone got eyestrain! Like, really annoying eyestrain.

And with no further ado…

d&d meme i cant keep calm im a gamer

Let’s just get the obvious right out of the way

d&d meme girlfriend princess

Always be attentive to your woman’s needs

dd meme tome of cat summoning

They’re the ones summoned, but you’re the familiar

d&d meme knock knock joke

Do we really want to open the door on this kind of thing?

d&d meme its a lifestyle choice

The road goes ever on

dd meme plan l

Don’t look at me, I voted for plan Q

dd meme heres looking at you kid

Here’s looking at you, kid

d&d meme sharknado

Dungeon Module SN1
by Gary Gygax
An Adventure For All Character Levels That Are Fated To Die

d&d meme rolling a 1 animated

Visual representation of what happens on the astral plane when you roll a 1

d&d meme vehicle paladin alignment check

Mr. LawfulGoodwrench

d&d meme paladin alignment check

We recommend every 3,000 XP

d&d meme this paladin is nuts

And this paladin is just nuts

d&d meme resume

Adept at monitoring and adjusting during plan implementation

d&d meme stealth is optional animated

Let’s be honest. When isn’t it?

d&d meme leeroy jenkins 2016

Finally a candidate I can get behind!

dd meme fallout character sheet

Well, isn’t that SPECIAL?

dd meme quest for the dungeon master game

He’s over there, keeping you kids from getting home (and boy does Venger love this game, look at that smile!)

d&d meme sometimes a chest is not a chest

And sometimes a door is a jar

d&d meme when dex fails

You zany min-maxers, you

d&d meme know the difference

It could save your life

d&d meme failed spot check

Doggone it, where’d she go?

dd meme how i remember it looking

And that, my non-muggle friends, is why we play

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