d&d meme what doesn't kill you

Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes II!

The first Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes post from a few weeks back was a big hit, so here we go again 🙂 Enjoy!

D&D Meme As a DM, When I Die

At least they’re dependable

d&d meme shark elemental

Just don’t summon one in an air elemental… you saw that movie, right?

D&D meme its all fun and games until someone rolls a 1

What if they do it while running with scissors?

d&d meme the nope is strong with this one

And it’s got more nope where that came from

d&d meme it's a marble coffin

Who says games don’t prepare you for real life?

d&d taller than you

Or at 0 HP, for that matter

d&d meme one armed pixie barbarian

You’re a special kind of special, aren’t you?

d&d meme what doesn't kill you

Facts of life

d&d meme why all the hate for necromancers

He’s dead right

d&d meme rpg minimum system requirements

And your system will never grow obsolete

d&d colorforms

The stories you can tell will keep you sticking around

d&d meme dice of dread

That’s just how they roll

d&d memes how to summon a lemon

A good wizard is never sour about it

d&d meme when I was your age

Uphill both ways in the lava flow

d&d Tomb of Horrors Van

Van of Horrors

d&d meme health mana party potions

It’s the life of the party. Get it? Life?

Do not teach the squirrels how to pla

They’ll never learn to RPG for themselves

d&d meme epic mug of RPGness

Real world mana potion

d&d meme chuckling evilly to yourself a dm thing

Settle down, chuckles

d&d memes wizard pugs

Pugnacious wizards

d&d memes call of cthulhu beginning readers

Old Ones for you,
Old Ones for me,
it’s go great, you’ll see!

cthulhu dice

He’s insanely good at this game

D&D Elsie Gygax modeling Monster Manual

Elsie Gygax is the model (she was in demand)

d&d meme thac0 we miss you


id like to cast barkskin meme

Doggone good spell

d&d meme rational discourse

Irrational discourse

d&d club

I don’t know these guys, but they are my friends

And finally, I leave you with this wonderful thought…

d&d memes such simple tools

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