Otter and seal dex based ac meme

Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes!

I’ve been collecting D&D / RPG / Fantasy related memes that tickled my fancy for a while, and thought I’d post them here for your edification and enjoyment oh my fellow geek.

If all goes well this will be the first in a series. What’s your favorite? Comment below!

THACO meme

Stay away from that crazy old wizard Kenobi. 

D&D mimic joke meme

I imagine this has been mimicked in a game session

ye olde periodic table meme

Here be humours

Dungeon mastering with Dungeon Master

Almost a dire comic

Gary Gygax cars d&d meme

I call shotgun, er… crossbow?

Door Mordor Gondor meme

Gone, baby, gone

Batman who'd the DM meme

Are you really going to argue with Batman?

Knights of the Dinner Table GM meme

Choose your idiot wisely, players…

DM lots of death recipe meme

The DM is your friend. No, really.

D&D big wheel box

Now that’s a fantastic ride

D&D 5 minutes vs 3 hours meme

Not to mention the snack breaks

Table top reple-playing you're doing it right meme


Ban assault dice meme

That’s just how they roll

Anatomy of rpg adventures meme

Even more detailed than Grey’s

Ghostbusters dog shaming meme

Who’s a good boy?

Teach your kids how to play magic they won't have money for drugs meme

Or money for dates. But, hey, priorities…

Drums in the jeep meme

A little drivin’ music

You reach out to push the orc off the bridge meme

New relationships are sometimes awkward

Vin Diesel D&D birthday cakes

This is Vin Diesel’s birthday cake (no foolin’)

The 5 stories of D&D

6: Man vs. Free Time

Austin Powers I see your party has no cleric meme

Oh, behave

When fighting a dragon choose range meme

They forgot medium well done

D&D pie chart meme

Who’s ready for pie?

Otter and seal dex based ac meme

It seals the deal

Dog such adventures meme

Doggone good session

Raccoon DM pull the lever meme

I can confirm, some of us DMs are bandits

cat charisma meme

It’s the purrfect attribute

Bruce Campbell alignment meme

Lawful Campbell

D&D nerdiest game requires friends meme

Things that make you go hmmmmm…

D&D PC plans helicopter meme

It was totally obvious in retrospect

David vs Goliath critical hit meme

And the first slack-jawed stunned silence followed by cheering from those watching

D&D cool story bro vault boy meme

This is me, trying to pretend you’re not over the top

Grumpy Cat DM everyone dies meme

Rule #1: The DM is always right. Rule #2: Don’t play D&D with Grumpy Cat.

If only people could see... with more than their eyes meme

Us geeks can 🙂

And that’s a great one to end on… Make sure to leave a comment on your favorite (or maybe least favorite?) below!

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