d&d meme nuke it from orbit

Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes IV!

The hits keep coming. Well, some of them are hits. Some of them are misses. And some of them are just low blows. But the important thing is this series of posts continues to be popular so here’s yet another one for your viewing pleasure. Or pain. Or whatever.

If you missed the first one, here it is. And while you’re at it, don’t miss the second one. Come to think of it, here’s the third one, too.

And awaaayyy we go…

d&d meme a penny looted

Unless it’s cursed, then it’s a lesson learned

d&d meme you found something flowchart

I always suspected there was a flow to it

d&d meme back up plans

It always ends up there anyway…

d&d meme nuke it from orbit

Speaking of back up plans

d&d meme goblin blood

The ladies love it

d&d meme cast magic missle cat

Shouldn’t that be cat’s magic missle?

d&d meme mr rogers roll initiative

Won’t you be, won’t you be… my victim?

d&d meme dragon for Christmas

Even harder to get than two front teeth

d&d meme yo mamas so fat

I could cut you down so low, it would take all your hit points

d&d meme 1983 cartoon ad

Wait, since when is a unicorn an animal companion? Sheesh, Saturday morning cartoons were so unrealistic

d&d meme bard 20 ranks in bluff

That Bard is draggin’ his rep down

d&d meme when the ranger rolls a 1 animated gif

d&d meme i cast fist

Way to keep the game punchy

d&d meme pre minstrel syndrome

That time of the character generation

d&d meme you do not meet the level requirement for this item

Actually, it’s a halfling suit of battering

d&d meme dwarven plate mail

Fortunately it doubles as a mess kit

d&d meme cthulhu is in

Unspeakable madness for a nickel

d&d meme the combo dinner

And the halfling is the toy surprise

d&d meme playing with high leveled characters

Or: playing with DMs that have no concept of game balance

d&d meme dming philosophy

And speaking of game balance…

Finally, these words to part by…

d&d meme the best way to learn is adventures

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