d&d meme hit him with your crossbow steve

Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes III!

These posts have proven popular to you, the ravenous gaming public, so here’s another one. Yer welcome.

If you missed the first one, here it is. And while you’re at it, don’t miss the second one 🙂

And now on with the show my droogies.

d&d meme army party

An army of one. In a well balanced group. Credit to @BadDiceBad via Twitter

d&d meme every class

May have signed up for too many this semester

d&d meme weasels

Fortunately the new DMG has a weasel availability table, with subtables for town type

d&d meme ok alignment

It’ll be ok

d&d meme worlds okayest dm

And speaking of ok…

d&d meme give the gift of life

It’s the right thing to do, no bones about it

d&d meme optimist pessimist gamer

The glass was a mimic – The DM

d&d meme that moment when you have to ask


d&d meme hit him with your crossbow steve

Steve and his crossbow. I tell ya.

d&d meme dwarven parenting

Some therapist in Baldur’s Gate is going to make their career off of this one.

d&d meme druid wolf form

A howling bad fumble

d&d meme flirt with barmaid

This fumble has everyone’s shorts in a twist

d&d meme pulp fiction

A brainy move, but still a fumble

d&d meme who are we gamers

Does my character still get XP if I’m not there?

d&d meme star trek friday night

These are the basement voyages…

d&d meme elvish presley

Blue suede shoes of stealth

d&d meme you cannot improve on perfection

Sometimes you get it right the first time

d&d meme grognard dice

1979, remember?

d&d meme in my day we colored in our own dice

Uphill both ways in the snow and we LIKED it

d&d meme no that would unbalance the game

Can’t believe the guy even asked

d&d meme neutral evil

It all spends the same

d&d meme potions

Chugalug chugalug

d&d meme dungeon crawl

The nerd’s Rorschach test

d&d meme this is math

I guess the cat’s finally out of the bag


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