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Let’s Play Pathfinder: Kingmaker Beta #2

BETRAYAL IN THE NIGHT after being given a quest to claim your own country! Opening battle and introduction to your companions, including an overeager bard, a cleric who needs a pep talk, a barbarian who fits the mold, and an undead elf with a scythe (plus, let’s be honest, the sorcerer Tartuccio is almost certainly a baddie). Puzzling suits of armor protect a possible cache?
[Note: around the 48 minute mark the video gets choppy. Not sure what caused that, it’s never happend on my game videos before. Justy FYI!]

Pathfinder: Kingmaker – an isometric CRPG inspired by the gameplay experience of classics like Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights!

Have you got what it takes to rule a kingdom? With the help of your advisors you take care of the affairs of your subjects and communicate with delegates of the neighboring kingdoms. But it’s not just all politics! Trolls, bandits, and other dangerous beasts are threatening the lands and it is up to you to end their threat. Explore, engage in real-time strategic combat, discover treasure and ancient artifacts, and become the ruler of the Stolen Lands!

But you won’t be undertaking this adventure alone – many companions will join you on your journey, lending their strength to yours. Together, you can conquer any foe and overcome the greatest challenges. And they’re not just soulless puppets – like you, they have their own story, goals, and motivations! Talk to them, get to know them by the campfire during your adventures. Watch them become your loyal friends – or turn on you if you betray their trust.

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