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D&D Out of the Abyss Notes Title

D&D Out of the Abyss Notes #76 – The Labyrinth / Gallery of Angels / Maze Engine

What's the angle on these angels and why are they stonewalling us, anyway? That demon's pretty ugly, but he sure is polite. Big clockwork shinies and the players that love them. Rate of falling rules. Figurines of Wondrous Power aren't familiars. When can a summoned creature first take an action? "Overly enthusiastic, underly wise" players ...

atom rpg early access thumbnail

Let’s Play ATOM RPG Early Access #1 – Opening Cinematic, Character Creation, Quick Look at Gameplay

First look at ATOM RPG, which can be described as Fallout in Soviet Russia. This video includes the opening cinematic, a browse of the UI, character creation and a little of the beginning gameplay.