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Dusk City Outlaws Unboxing & Overview (Fantasy Heist RPG)

Shane unboxes and gives an overview of the new Dusk City Outlaws RPG (think Ocean’s Eleven meets D&D)! Did Rodney Thompson and Scratchpad Publishing pull off a successful caper, or did the crew botch the job? Watch and find out! Hey wait pal, keep your hand on your OWN coinpurse why don’t ya…

Update: Received this note from Scratchpad Publishing: “To answer the question from the unboxing: challenge dice actually have six drawback symbols on them, not five. It tilts the odds in favor of something going wrong when advantage and challenge dice are present in equal numbers, because the odds are always against our heroes.”

Dusk City Outlaws is a roleplaying game of heists and other thievery by Rodney Thompson. Play as members of 8 criminal cartels in a massive fantasy city.

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