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D&D Stranger Things Starter Set Unboxing & First Thoughts featured image

D&D Stranger Things Starter Set: Unboxing & First Thoughts

Let's take a look at the D&D Stranger Things Starter Set. Interest in D&D, Stranger Things, and all things retro is running high. Is this combined D&D / Stranger Things introductory tabletop RPG starter set a non-starter at the gate, or is it amazing enough to turn your gaming entertainment upside down? Watch ...

galactic scoundrels shane plays podcast title 2-16-2019

Galaxy of Scoundrels! – Episode 177 – Shane Plays Geek Talk

galactic scoundrels shane plays podcast title 2-16-2019Podcast version of the Shane Plays Geek Talk radio show from 2/16/2019:
Galaxy of Scoundrels!

Highlights: Shane and guest co-host Richard McBain gab on a live remote from Game Goblins as they catch up with Little Rock Games for the Galactic Scoundrels release party! Plus ...