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The Silencer #1 – DC’s The New Age of Heroes: Comic Book Review [Spoilers]

DC's The New Age of Heroes continues as Shane reviews The Silencer #1. Is it DC's take on the Punisher as some have speculated, or does the character and story take a different direction? Plus: a surprise appearance (in more ways than one) by a major DC villain. Find out what Shane thought of this ...

IDW Revolution review

IDW Revolution Review #3: Final Thoughts / Grade & 5 Comics (Spoilers)

Overall IDW REVOLUTION crossover event thoughts and final grade! Plus review of 5 REVOLUTION related books with SPOILERS: ROM #4 Transformers: Till All Are One: REVOLUTION #1 G.I. Joe: REVOLUTION #1 REVOLUTION #4 REVOLUTION #5 From IDW Publishing has unveiled its most ambitious comic book publishing venture in its history revolving around its fan-favorite titles based ...