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Wild Stars Comic Book 35th Anniversary Worldwide Release!

Wild Stars Comic Book – 35th Anniversary Worldwide Release!

Michael Tierney has released the 35th Anniversary editions of his time and space spanning comic book novel THE WILD STARS in conjunction with publishing partner CIRSOVA! This series (now in its fourth decade) has it all: space travel, time travel, UFOs, ghosts, psychic dinosaurs and more!

Get your copies on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine retailers (omnibus edition available via Lulu)! If you’re in Central Arkansas, they’re in stock at Collectors’s Edition (North Little Rock) and The Comic Book Store (Little Rock).

From the mind of author and comic book industry expert Michael Tierney: It’s not just a comic book, it’s a comic book novel!

The Wild Stars is sci-fi and so much more. Learn the explanations behind UFOs and Space Gods. This isn’t the Twilight Zone… this is the region of the Milky Way Galaxy known as the WILD STARS!

We guarantee you’ve never read anything like it! The complete comic book novel took 20 years to tell, with one reviewer noting “The story of Wild Stars stretches ambitiously across space and time, from small-town murders to the destruction of planets, with every event given multiple layers of meaning.”

If you haven’t read the Wild Stars, you’re missing out!

Visit thewildstars.com today!

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