Star Trek New Voyages: Mind-Sifter

There are a lot of fan-made Star Trek series and movies out there. They’re of varying quality, of course, but I tend to like them all on a certain level because they’re labors of love.

Two of the better efforts are Star Trek: New Voyages (now becoming Star Trek: Phase II) and Star Trek Continues. I recommend checking either of them out if you are a Star Trek nerd, especially if you really like The Original Series with Kirk and Co.

Star Trek New Voyages just released a new episode called “Mind-Sifter,” a joyful little romp through amnesia, torture and time travel that further spotlights Kirk and Spock’s relationship.

It’s interesting to note that this episode is based on a piece of fan fiction from 1975 (read more) that was later officially published by Bantam Books.

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