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Beyond old school

Beyond old school


Richard Garriot’s (of Ultima fame) first game is considered the precursor to the Ultima series, one of the first computer role playing games and historically significant in general.

And now, thanks to GOG.com, you can get it for free. Yes, that’s right, free.

This ain’t your namby pamby fancy dancy everything is spoon-fed game, baby. This is an old school dungeon crawl that helped lay the foundation for CRPGs for decades to come.

From the game’s GOG.com page:

  • Developed in 1979, Akalabeth is the first game made by the legendary creator of the Ultima Series, Richard Garriot.
  • Designed by the teenage Garriot in Applesoft BASIC for the Apple II, Akalabeth is one of the earliest known examples of a computer role-playing game, and is considered by many to be “Ultima 0.”
  • Featuring 10 different monsters, procedurally generated dungeon crawling, and wire frame 3D graphics, Akalabeth was highly advanced for its time and is still widely regarded as one of the most historically significant RPGs ever created.

Wikipedia also has an interesting page on Alkalabeth: World of Doom. Here’s a tidbit:

In creating Akalabeth, Garriott was primarily inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, for which he held weekly sessions in his parents’ house while in high school; and the works of J. R. R. Tolkien, which he received from an in-law of his brother. The name derives from Tolkien’s AkallabĂȘth, part of The Silmarillion; though the game is not based on Tolkien’s story. In the original game, the last monster on the need-to-kill list is called “Balrog”, like the demonic monsters from The Lord of the Rings, and unlike the later name for the monster in the Ultima games, Balron. Read more.

If you’re into nostalgia, or if you’re just up to a challenge, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this classic via GOG.com.

Classic bones

Classic bones



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