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D&D Out of the Abyss Notes #79 – The Fetid Wedding

Gee, those plants sure look like otyughs that want to eat our faces, don’t they. When is astral travel not astral travel? Large scale, amateur fungal brain surgery for fun and profit. Zuggtmoy and Juiblex battle for the right to Araumycos. One of them’s going down and the adventurers just might be next… this is a major scene in the campaign! Psychic winds. Spell targeting. The final fate of the flying snake! It’s OK (and sometimes even preferable) to be spontaneous as a DM and not be prepared for every little thing. Hey, where’d that abacus come from??? And that tie???

This is an ongoing series of Shane’s notes, thoughts and tips for running the D&D adventure Out of the Abyss, which is the tabletop portion of the Rage of Demons story line.

Each video follows the most recent session with his group.

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