Celebrate 10000 followers woman balloons

Whoo hoo! Followers, followers, followers! (did we mention followers?)

Celebrate 10000 followers woman balloons

Feeling great here at Shane Plays with a Twitter account milestone! That’s right, the ShanePlaysPR Twitter account broke 10,000 followers over the weekend!

Feels great, and feels like to right time to remind folks of the various ways you can keep up with all the geeky goodness from Shane Plays on social media! Jump on in, the digital water’s fine!

@ShanePlays – theĀ conversational Twitter account that includes content updates and announcements and geek news, chatter, and personal thoughts and ruminations. A lot more tweets in this account than in…

@ShanePlaysPR – Just the facts, ma’am. Content updates and announcements and geek news. Less tweets that @ShanePlays.

Shane Plays Facebook Page

Shane Plays YouTube Channel

Shane Plays Instagram

Shane Plays Tumblr

Whatever your social media flavor is, hopefully we’ve got you covered! Thanks so much for you interest and support of the journey into the things we love!!!



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