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Traveller RPG! – Radio Show / Podcast Ep. 175

traveller rpg shane plays podcast title 2-2-2019Podcast version of the Shane Plays Geek Talk radio show from 2/2/2019:
Traveller RPG!

Highlights: Traveller RPG! The Free Trader Beowulf is sending a distress signal… assuming your PC survives character creation, will you respond or head for adventure and fame in the Spinward Marches?! Shane and veteran Traveller GM and player David Elmore talk the original and influential hard sci-fi RPG! Plus RPG news and the usual tomfoolery and nonsense!

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Far Future Enterprises
Successor to Game Designers Workshop
Traveller resources on CD-ROM, etc.

Traveller Imperium map

What was happening to the Free Trader Beowulf?

Traveller Beowulf Class Free Trader info

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Also: BattleTech’s 35th Anniversary & Shadowrun’s 30th Anniversary
(hat tip to Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk)

“I’m Sorry, But That’s What My Character Would Do” by Rick Neal

FnordCon: Steve Jackson Games convention in Austin April 6-7

Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD Core Rulebook and The Robot Wars adventure / supplement now available on DriveThru RPG–The-Worlds-of-2000-AD

Penny Arcade partners with Wizards of the Coast to publish official ‘Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual’ | GeekWire

Footnotes added to Podcast version of show:

  • In Traveller, just like in reality, space is big. Really big. Really, really big. To get an idea, go to
  • Classic Traveller is “hard sci-fi” of the 70s and early 80s. Computers were huge and home computers weren’t a widespread thing, no internet, etc. For example: Some ship schematics have large area for computers.
  • Lack of faster than light communications led to a more feudal / regional governmental system throughout the empire
  • Weapons run the range from rocks to firearms to lasers. Daggers and knives are still very common because you don’t want to use lasers or bullets on a ship
  • Ships usually carried a lot of sand. If enemy ships appeared, they could drop sand that would act as chaff / defense against lasers
  • No hit points, damage is deducted from attributes
  • Similar attributes to D&D, however instead of Wisdom and Charisma there was Education and
  • Social Standing. Those could be codified, where the other two are more subjective
  • No experience, no levels… advancement is through wealth, status, etc.
  • Skills CAN be changed during adventuring by going back college or joining the military, etc. Or the Imperium goes to war and veterans get called back to service.
  • Certain attributes can be changed during play… for example you marry into nobility
  • They chose six siders because people already had them at home and would not need to buy polyhedrals
  • Traveller appealed to David when he was younger because it cost less than the D&D books

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