tom king comic book writing draft repair mad butcher

Tom King’s Mad Butcher Comic Book Draft Repair Writing Workshop

tom king comic book writing draft repair mad butcher

Comics scribe Tom King recently pushed out a series of tweets giving real time insight into one aspect of his writing process. In honor of a grocery store from my youth, I dub it his Mad Butcher mode.

I’ve collected them together here for convenience. If you’re curious about the process of writing and/or want to write comics yourself, I highly recommend taking a look. I imagine his decision making can be applied to any kind of writing, but with the tight “twenty something” pages of a comic book issue it’s especially relevant.

With no further ado, and all credit to Mr. King:

He never got back to us from that “one sec” as far as I can tell, so either the draft butchered him or he came out on top like that guy  beating his chest and yelling at Charlie Sheen in the helicopter at the end of Platoon. 

As an extra special crunchy bonus: ultimate words of wisdom sure to guide all hopefuls into epic comic book stardom…

kite man hell yeah

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