Shanna Germain & Chris Avellone talk Numenera on Shane Plays

Numenera! – Radio Show / Podcast Episode 17

Shane Plays Radio Podcast 9/19/2015 - Numenera!Podcast for the Shane Plays radio show from 9/19/2015:

Highlights: Numenera RPG with Shanna Germain of Monte Cook Games and game designer Chris Avellone.

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Shanna Germain & Chris Avellone talk Numenera on Shane Plays

Shanna Germain of Monte Cook Games and Chris Avellone join us for a full show about Numenera, the award-winning far future science fiction role playing game featuring the Cypher System.

Monte Cook Games:


How to Play Numenera (video from Monte Cook Games)

Torment: Tides of Numenera:

Shanna Germain on Twitter:

Chris Avellone on Twitter:


Kevin Clay joins us to talk board games and recording audiobooks!

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