Let’s Play: Batman: Arkham Origins 6

In this part we accidentally spend some more time exploring the Final Offer before heading to Lacey Towers to investigate a crime scene which apparently involves the murder of Black Mask. Along the way we solve an unrelated crime and get sidetracked into dealing with Anarky, which I suppose is ironically a bit of anarchy since it was unexpected and interfered with the plan.

Oh yeah, we also spend a lot of time batlining back and forth across the Gotham Pioneers bridge.

And just in case you’re wondering, we never actually make it to Lacey Towers. Next part, perhaps!

Towards the beginning of the video I mention fighting “Deadshot” in the previous video. I meant Deathstroke, AKA Slade Wilson.

Note: I am playing on a PC, using a gamepad instead of the keyboard.

Thanks for watching!

Batman: Arkham Origins is available via Steam here:

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