Let’s Play: Batman: Arkham Origins 2

This is the second part of a Let’s Play series of Batman: Arkham Origins.

In this part, we do some sleuthing and sightseeing in the Batcave, get introduced to the eight assassins out for Batman’s blood, and listen to witty banter from Alfred before blasting off in the Batwing back into the troubled night.

Editing Note: At around 12:06 I edited the video to skip ahead about 5 minutes. All you miss is me playing around in challenge mode and getting whooped on while I try to get my moves sorted. So story-wise you are good to go.

Sound Note: Also, for some reason my recording audio dropped in volume for the rest of the video around that point. So it’s not you, it’s me.

Note: I am playing on a PC, using a gamepad instead of the keyboard.

Thanks for watching!

Batman: Arkham Origins is available via Steam here:

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