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Random Shane Generator! – Episode 180 – Shane Plays Geek Talk

geek podcast shane plays podcast title 3-23-2019Podcast version of the Shane Plays Geek Talk radio show from 3/23/2019:
Random Shane Generator!

Highlights: Shane gets random! Sabaton, the Swedish metal band acting as modern day bards! Hipster D&D! Google+ shutting down! Neon Buttstain RPG! Ray Bradbury in a prunes commercial! The (in)famous Orson Welles “Frozen Peas” outtakes! Lice, pink eye and the flu! Call of Cthulhu skit “Now That’s What I call A Sanity Check!” Star Wars Return of the Jedi reactions from 1983! More!

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Songs used in this episode:

SABATON – The Last Stand (Official Lyric Video)

SABATON – Uprising (Official Music Video)

SABATON – Winged Hussars (Official Lyric Video)

Land of the Lost Opening Credits and Theme Song

Topic notes:

Shane talks about the importance of feedback and encouragement (or even discouragement) to a creator.

Sabaton YouTube Channel

Sabaton History YouTube Channel
“The real history behind one Sabaton song every week”

D&D Out of the Abyss Notes #83 – THE FINALE! – The City of Spiders / Against the Demon Lords – SHANE PLAYS
D&D Out of the Abyss Notes Playlist

D&D / RPG Skit: Now That’s What I Call A Sanity Check
From Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk – #35 Sci-Fi Games with Ed Jowett

Shane Ponders: Lice, Pink Eye & The Flu

Ray Bradbury Sunsweet Prunes Commercial
“Brave New Prune” 1969

Orson Welles – Frozen Peas
Frozen Peas Wikipedia entry:

Reactions to seeing “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” | Austin, TX 1983
KTBC FOX 7 Austin

Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk Discord Channel:

Frequently asked questions about the Google+ shutdown

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