star wars force awakens official poster inset with sphere

Does this Death Star prototype model have anything to do with Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Update: Evidently it’s an open secret among the Star Wars crowd what the object in the movie poster actually is, as I was informed fairly quickly after my post. I’ve been avoiding spoilers so did not know. In the interests of not spoiling it for you, I’ll not say. Go hunt it down if that’s your thing 🙂

I’m reaching here. Let’s just get that out of the way.

I’m also very likely wrong.

Consider this more of a “hm, something I noticed” post rather than a “consider this theory” post. It’s not even half baked. It might be sixteenth baked if I’m lucky.

You have been appropriately notified.

So. The Star Wars Instagram account posted this image of “an early protoype model of the Death Star. So beautiful, and so deadly” yesterday.

Star Wars instagram Death Star prototype model

After my initial I love Star Wars Retro Design Moment™, my next impression was that the deeper equatorial trench reminded me of something I had seen recently. Now, what was it…?

Oh yeah, the Star Wars VII: The Force Unleashed movie poster.

star wars the force awakens official poster

Specifically, the spherical thingy (that’s the official, technical term for it according to J.J.) in the upper right portion of the poster.

star wars force awakens official poster inset with sphere

I’m not saying they’re definitely related, and I’m not saying the image in the poster is a Death Star or even a superweapon. For all we know it’s a droid or a ship or heck even a thermal detonator (although why you would feature something that is basically a grenade with so much real estate is beyond me).

All I’m saying is, that’s where my first impression went. Look some more and see if it tries to connect in your geeky mind as well:

Death Star

death star prototype model

Death Star Prototype Model horizontal

star wars force awakens official poster inset with sphere

Knowing how marketing works these days, they probably did it on purpose just to mess with folks.

I have to say I really hope it’s NOT a Death Star or something similar. We’ve been there and done that twice. And the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship portion of The Phantom Menace‘s ending was close enough again.

Here’s a bonus size comparison shot for taking the time to check out this post! Enjoy!

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