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D&D Out of the Abyss Notes #83 – The City of Spiders / Against the Demon Lords

THIS IS IT! “Against the Demon Lords”! The final, ultimate showdown with the nasty big two-headed baddy! Will Demogorgon prevail and the Abyss fall to Lolth, or will our brave heroes manage to save the day? Either way, can they survive a betrayed Vizeran’s wrath? Four demon lords throw down at the Tower of Vengeance! Surprise help from a powerful friend as he reveals a big secret! Not all wands are worth wielding. Wave goodbye. Epilogue at Gauntlgrym, where King Bruenor metes out what the party deserves (in some cases posthumously). Shane discusses confusing timing on the last encounters of Out of the Abyss. How tall is Demogorgon, anyway? What does the Dark Heart talisman look like, anyway? Guards and Wards spell. Does Confusion cause loss of spell concentration? Mean party members and NPCs. The (in) famous DM blue bolt. Alcohol at the game table.

This is an ongoing series of Shane’s notes, thoughts and tips for running the D&D adventure Out of the Abyss, which is the tabletop portion of the Rage of Demons story line.

Each video follows the most recent session with his group.

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