Digital Togetherness with Steam Family Sharing

Steam Family Sharing

Family dinner time, and video games, is what keeps us all together and protects society

My buddy Keef…

(this is Keef: keith_pixelized )

… brought the Steam Family Sharing beta thingy to my attention. Steam Family Sharing allows users on the same computer to share games in their Steam Libraries. Please re-read and digest where I said on the same computer. Otherwise you’ll get all excited for nothing.

You can read more on Steam Family Sharing in the Steam store.

For those of you that are frantic to join the beta,  join the Family Sharing Steam Group for your chance at an invite.

Some will grumble that it’s restricted to the same computer, yet at the same time Steam didn’t have to do even that. So we take our digital crumbs where they fall, my friends.

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