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D&D Out of the Abyss Notes #74 – The Labyrinth / Spiral of the Horned King / March to Nowhere

The Spiral of the Horned King’s maze (not to be confused with The Labyrinth as a whole). Is Gash a friend or foe? The modrons’ long, sad March to Nowhere. Prologue to Yeenoghu’s Hunt (and how the heck do you say Yeenoghu, anyway). Readied actions. Sneak attacks, at range and otherwise. Damage from a character being pushed into another creature or wall, etc.? More short rest / long rest discussion plus a house rule from a viewer. Some DMs would rather their players not have Daern’s Instant Fortress.

This is an ongoing series of Shane’s notes, thoughts and tips for running the D&D adventure Out of the Abyss, which is the tabletop portion of the Rage of Demons story line.

Each video follows the most recent session with his group.

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