shane plays podcast title 2-13-2016

D&D 5th Edition Opens Up! – Radio Show / Podcast Ep. 37

shane plays podcast title 2-13-2016

Podcast for the Shane Plays radio show from 2/13/2016:
D&D 5th Edition Opens Up!

Highlights: Geek news; Stephen Chenault of Castles & Crusades / Troll Lord Games joins to talk about D&D‘s Dungeon Master’s Guild and the 5th Edition Open Gaming License / System Resource Document.

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Show sponsor Troll Lord Games has a new Kickstarter!
5th Edition: Familiars, Monstrous Companions, Steeds & More


Einstein Confirmed: Gravity Waves Exist | Krypton Radio

Deadpool sets new Thursday night record (R-rated) at the box office | Polygon

Battlestar Galactica film franchise now in development

Star Wars: Episode VIII has started filming
-Production has begun on Episode IX
-Ep VII $900M domestic, $2B globally and $3B globally in consumer products
-Filming of “Rogue One” virtually complete and preproduction on “young Han Solo” movie underway

Announcing Star Wars Headspace Electronic Compilation Album

Star Trek revival to be led by Bryan Fuller of Hannibal and Pushing Daisies | Polygon

Spoiler Warning: Game of Thrones Season 6 Photos Confirm Certain Characters Are Alive | Polygon

PS4 Tops January 2016 US Console Sales Charts | Gamespot

Amazon launches Lumberyard, a free, high-quality game engine with AWS and Twitch integration


Stephen Chenault of Castles & Crusades / Troll Lord Games talks the D&D Dungeon Master’s Guild and 5th Edition SRD / OGL… as well as the RPG industry in general.

Troll Lord Games:

DMs Guild:


Understanding the D&D DMs Guild & 5th Edition SRD / OGL


@howardtayler TIL: the human skull is a really good electrical insulator, WAY better than a tinfoil hat. Prob’ly why the aliens have all those drills.


Jean Leggett of One More Story Games talks about StoryStylus, their interactive story telling engine.

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