Sword Coast Legends Belaphoss Statue 1

Belaphoss statue from Sword Coast Legends

Sword Coast Legends Belaphoss Statue 1Game dev studio n-Space offered a pretty spectacular upgrade reward for their D&D based cRPG Sword Coast Legends. In addition to multiple other goodies, customers who purchased the Deluxe edition also received a Belaphoss the Mad statue. (NOTE: Special thanks to n-Space CEO Dan O’Leary, President Dan Tudge and community manager Ash Sevilla for mine!)

Belaphoss the character is a demon lord created for SCL that has since been incorporated into overall D&D Forgotten Realms canon. Belaphoss the statue is quite frankly bad to the bone.

Here’s some info on Belaphoss and the statue. Make sure to check out the photos below!

From D&D‘s Belaphoss monster stats PDF:

Belaphoss the Mad is an ancient and powerful balor* with ambitions to godhood. Called the Left Hand of Demogorgon, the Devourer of Hope, and the Warlord of the Gibbering Hordes, he has long waged war across the Abyss.

As a lieutenant of Demogorgon, Belaphoss commands significant demon armies and demands loyalty from all his servants. As crafty as he is powerful, he often masquerades as a devil or a benign spirit to lure mortals into pacts designed to fulfil his own plans—after which he betrays his unwitting followers at his own whim. Belaphoss often gathers such servants through dreams and nightmares, using them to set his centuries-old plans into motion.

Belaphoss styles himself more civilized and cunning than other balors. He has served Demogorgon for eons, leading the hordes of the Prince of Demons into battle against the armies of Graz’zt and Orcus. However, this service has all been part of a calculated plan to one day turn against Demogorgon—and become lord of the Gaping Maw in his stead.

The demon Belaphoss is a multihorned balor who wields a deadly weapon: a greataxe wreathed in flame that has a flaming whip attached to the base of its haft.

*If you’re not in the know, a balor is basically D&D‘s version of a Tolkien balgrog. They had to change the name for legal reasons.

The statue is fantastic and was created by Symbiote Studios. It’s made of resin, quite large in size, very dramatic in presentation and painted with excellent details, gradations and layering.

Mine is currently on display where my weekly gaming group meets: Imagine Hobbies & Games in Sherwood, AR. If you’re in the area come see the big guy for yourself! (be prepared to roll for madness)

Sword Coast Legends Belaphoss Statue 1

Currently lairing and spreading madness at Imagine Hobbies and Games

Sword Coast Legends Belaphoss Statue 2

Sword Coast Legends Belaphoss Statue 3

Sword Coast Legends Belaphoss Statue 4

Sword Coast Legends Belaphoss Statue 6

Sword Coast Legends Belaphoss Statue 5

And my axe!

Sword Coast Legends Belaphoss Statue 7

I love how the composition of this shot came out

Sword Coast Legends Belaphoss Statue 8

Water bottle added for size comparison

Sword Coast Legends Belaphoss Statue 9

Again to help with size comparison

Sword Coast Legends Belaphoss Statue 10

D&D Belaphoss the Mad monster stats

From https://media.wizards.com/2015/downloads/dnd/Demonomicon%20of%20Iggwilv%20-%20Belaphoss.pdf

And as an added bonus, there was a super cool cloth map of the Sword Coast included!

Sword Coast Legends cloth map

Old school but so fresh!

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