Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Superman and Batman stare down

Batman V Superman Spoiler Free, Knee Jerk Review

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Superman and Batman stare down

I caught Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Thursday evening during the so-called advanced showings (what does that even mean if it’s been known it will open on Thursday night for a while, anyway?)  and here’s my spoiler free, knee jerk review:

Spoiler free because, well, there are no spoilers.

Knee jerk because it’s my initial thoughts within a couple of hours of seeing the movie for the first time, and without reading any other reviews to avoid biasing my own opinion and expectations.

Don’t want to watch the video review? Here’s a very quick summary:
*The video above has a lot more information and thoughts, not just the below summary points

Should you see it? Yeah of course, if you’re an action movie or super hero movie fan. There are several good scenes and of course some big action and it’s good to see the so-called DC trinity go into action on the big screen.

Otherwise, meh not so much. I don’t think it has the same general appeal for the average movie goer that the Marvel movies do.

It’s rough and uneven and almost two different movies pacing wise. The first half is uneven and ponderous, while the second half pulls together much better.

If any movie ever needed re-editing, it’s BvS.

Rotten Tomatoes currently has BvS at 29%. I wouldn’t go that low but it’s not as good as what Marvel’s putting out these days, that’s for sure.

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