geek meme high beams light speed

Attack of the Geek Memes!

I’ve been posting a semi-regular series called Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes (find ’em here) and it has proven very popular so I thought I would expand the concept with an Attack of the Geek Memes post. I often find a lot of memes that tickly my geeky funny bone that don’t quite fit into the D&D / RPG category but we’re not going to let them go to waste, are we? Oh no, my precious, we won’t!

So strap in, hold on, and find someone else to sue for any psychological damage that you may incur. Lots of Star Trek and Star Wars with this one, but some other geeky goodness, too đŸ™‚

geek meme pac man

Don’t even try to pretend you didn’t try it…

geek meme want to tag clark kent

Facebook ain’t fooled by no glasses

geek meme hasbro cobra

You’re a bunch of sheeple!

geek meme sad mecha is sad

Sad mecha is sad

geek meme keep calm and flame on

Heat up to stay cool

geek meme time lord party

Plus the bartender always serves really good Timey Wimeys

geek meme firefly bottle

I always loved to catch these when I was a kid

geek meme firefly reaver share

I swear by your pretty floral bonnet this made me laugh

geek meme star trek irony

“It was… pun”

geek meme good night wesley

The dread pirate Picard

geek meme star trek dig three graves

“The Captain’s so smart, he’s always three steps ahead of the enemy. Let’s stick close to him and we’ll be fine.”

geek meme star trek I want to believe

Boldly believing where no one has believed before

Let’s be honest, that’s one fine specimen of a button. You were just looking at it, weren’t you?!

geek meme star wars keep scrolling

That’s what a mind trick feels like

geek meme high beams light speed

And you don’t even need a navicomputer (or a wookiee)

geek meme pig yoda

Unsee it, you never will

geek meme star wars boop

He’s the fun parent

geek meme imperial walker

Imperial Walker

geek meme explaining rogue one

And not all are equal

geek meme anakin sand

I hear he killed at Millionaire

Aaaaand that’s all this time around, folks! Thanks for memeing with Shane Plays airlines.



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