d&d meme why do dragons refuse to eat paladins they taste so lawful

Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes VIII!

Great galloping googly mooglies, Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes is back like a guilty pleasure you’ll never admit to anyone and that’s actually much more guilt than pleasure. 4 out of 5 doctors agree you should never tell anyone you actually like these things, ever. And if you do to leave them out of it.

Seeing as how you’re sick in the head for being here in the first place, you might as well check out all of the previous Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes posts in the spirit of go big or go home.

Now, Let’s get all that pleasurable guilt flowing!

d&d meme dogs playing d&d

Our beloved hobby has finally gone to the dogs

d&d meme why are hit points so popular


d&d meme i want you for adventure

Good old Uncle Gan

d&d meme polymorph into a magic sword

That’s a sharp dealer

d&d meme murder hobo flow chart

It’s all about the stuff, let’s be honest

d&d meme chaotic loot-ral

Like I said, it’s all about the stuff

d&d meme toilet paper alignment

So many people strain over this debate… this will wipe the confusion away

d&d meme 4 sider on toilet

Another toilet related meme to make a point about alignment

d&d meme confucius fumble

Confucius say fumble can make for amusing bumble

d&d meme why do dragons refuse to eat paladins they taste so lawful

Plus they tend to be rather stiff to chew, and that’s not good

d&d meme fantasy frisbee

The great archmage Frizzbee would hurl these at threatening warriors with a stunning wham-o sound

d&d meme ad&d beach towel 1982

+2 Towel of Drying (+3 on the beach), Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

d&d meme japanese red box

The land of the Rising Sun also got in on the rising fun

d&d meme oprah tpk

Self-actualize and be the best total party kill you can be! She read a book on it!

d&d meme multiclassing regret

We tried to tell them, but noooooo

d&d meme covfefe

This is why you NEVER use the dread word of power Covfefe. Oh. Wait.

d&d meme not the right level for what dm throws at you

Also known as the moment you realize you have annoyed the DM with (what you had thought were) your amusing antics

d&d meme jeremy crawford magic missle ruling

That’s a ruling, not a joke! Just seeing if you were paying attention 😛

d&d meme brave and the old

The brave tend to mold

d&d meme attacking the darkness

D&D: Do you have a gazebo?

d&d meme svirfneblin sounds made up

“Epiphany” is almost as fun to say as svirfneblin

d&d meme smarter swords

He makes a good point

d&d meme party balance

But they’ll look great when doom is descending swiftly upon them

d&d meme why do rogues prefer leather armor

Thought I’d sneak this one in there at the last moment…

What, you’re still here? What in the name of all that’s right with Pluto being called a planet is wrong with you?! Now you’re gonna need a saving throw. Geez.

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