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Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes VII!

Just when you thought it was safe to look at the Internet again (ok, it’s never actually safe to look at the Internet) it’s Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes! Yes, that amazing, joy filled and brain damaging stroll through the garden of dubious delights that is RPG humor at it’s best worst!

You might as well call off your attack lawyer seeking damages for mental cruelty, because I’ll just make them check out all of the previous Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes posts as well and then both of you will be drooling and playing with your yogurt.

Press the Big Red Button and let’s get these memes flowing…

d&d meme dave roll profession sailor

Every group has a Dave

d&d meme social justice warrior

I mean, really people… how ironic is that?

d&d meme infinite gold glitch

Developers can’t close EVERY loophole in the code after all

d&d meme animal companion

We all kind of knew this would happen when Dave asked…

d&d meme barkeeper everyone roll initiative

Time for another round! Ha, get it? Round? (sorrynotsorry)

d&d meme dragon dice

Ooooh, esoteric “random number generators” for nerds of the 80s. And yes, young’n, that’s a crayon… ya had to do it yourself back then.

d&d meme who wants to hang around

Oooooh, esoteric coveralls for nerds of the 80s! Actually, his friends super glued him to the wall for being such a dork.

d&d meme plus one arrow will mclean dungeon 22 feb 1979

I guess I’m not sharp enough to get it… (From Dungeon magazine February 22, 1979)

d&d meme random npc

EVERY DM/GM has been there…

d&d meme writing a book

What a novel concept

d&d meme dunkin donuts

I thought it was a donut but got accused of circular reasoning

d&d meme despite all my rage cat mage

And furryous about it

d&d meme exotic weapon pro fish iency

I’m including this one just for the halibut

d&d meme what your sword says about you

Mine just tells jokes at my expense

d&d meme ate a bat

This actually happened in my (Shane’s) group

d&d meme jello in the 80s was terrifying

And it jiggled. Oh, it jiggled…

d&d meme top of his armor class

Nice kid, but never seemed to be eating from a full plate

d&d meme tomb of horrors spray

Old School AD&D… kills PCs dead

Aaaaand that’s it for this round… thanks for stopping by!

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