d&d meme wight privilege

Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes IX!

Just when you thought the Internet might actually become something worthwhile, Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes is back in all its unnecessary sound and fury signifying nothing!

As long as you’re mentally flagellating yourself, we recommend checking out all of the previous Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes posts for the full self-punishment because, you know, completion.

And awaaay we go:

d&d meme baldursgata

I knew it! It’s real. IT’S ALL REAL! This is fantastic! Wait, that means… there’s miniature giant space hamsters that. eat. eyeballs … *whimper*

d&d meme all I can see is white plume mountain playground equipment

Admit it, it’s all you can see too, right? I’m not crazy, right? RIGHT?!

d&d meme dungeon masters be like

Actually, I say “oops.” But yep.

d&d meme wight privilege


d&d meme lotr dogs

I was always afraid Lord of the Rings would go to the dogs

d&d meme pugs dwarves of the dog world

We get it! LOTR dogs! You don’t have to dwarf us with it

d&d meme renamed monsters

I’m not gonna lie… Chompy Dingus is one of my favorite things ever

D&D meme they should make a Bright movie RPG

Good idea, chummer

d&d rpg meme shadowrun first edition radio shack

Speaking of Shadowrun, here’s ironclad proof Radio Shack survives into the future (even though they’ve already gone out of business!)

d&d meme what if humans are just dire halflings

Give me a saving throw vs. brainmelt

d&d meme how much blood can I fit in my waterskin

Every group has that one player that thinks the game is Disgusting & Distasteful

d&d meme old school dungeon crawling versus modern player sensibilities

Some DMs like to bug their players

D&D meme ackbar check for traps

The farce is strong with this one

d&d meme porg stats credit mark richardson table top kingdoms

Speaking of Star Wars & D&D…. Credit: Mark Richardson of Table Top Kingdoms

d&d meme youre right no human being would stack dice like this

You’re right, Ray, no human being would stack dice like this

d&d meme sound of silence

The Bard’s Derail

d&d meme messed up magic items

Messed up magic items. That tongue thing, I mean, who even has the taste to come up with something like that?

d&d meme spiny terrasque

Remember kids, your DM always has a bigger thingy to drop after you do your incredibly clever thingy

d&d meme my AC is incredible

Refer to above caption

d&d meme essential library

The essential DMs library collection

d&d meme old tsr d&d basic set ad

I love these old ads. ’nuff said

d&d meme mike mearls golden girls

I believe this immediately

d&d meme how your dm sees your mini on the map

In other words, you’re not as overwhelmingly special and amazing as ya think cupcake!

d&d meme dungeon master magic card

Evidently this was a real card given to some Wizards of the Coast employees. What a masterful, magical gift 🙂

Well looky there, you survived. Congratulations, now go get some therapy.

Catch you next time! 


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