geek meme netflix and chill 20154

Attack of the Geek Memes III!

Release the crackalackin memes, baby! So bad they’re good, and recommended by your therapist to keep him in business.

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geek meme netflix and chill 20154

A good idea never goes out of style

geek meme scroll of truth

The truth will set you free, but the truth also hurts…

geek meme ddr ram

Sorry to make you butt heads with this pun

geek meme quiet down and take thy riches

When you need to add horsepower to your bike

geek meme captions

You’re reading a caption about a bunch of captions just FYI

geek meme most dangerous video game character ever

The Goomba of Doom-ba

geek meme atari cartridge voight-kampff

That turtle Voight-can’t get up

geek meme comic con calculations

Or even worse, end up in a Mary Sue fan fiction

geek meme maybe Ill check out the fandom

… and speaking of fandoms

geeke meme batman wrong scarecrow

Wrong Scarecrow, Bats

geek meme alien dating site

Admit it, we’ve all had dates like this

geek meme cat sees tardis

New companions always tend to paws for a moment

geek meme joss whedon wash car

Still too soon?

geek meme endor voices

Yes, that really just happened

geek meme stormtrooper worlds safest bike

Ooooh, burn. Well, actually there’s no burn… because nothing got hit.

geek meme star trek suicide squad

They don’t even need bombs in their heads…

geek meme Star Trek by Jamie Hernandez 1994

Star Trek by Jamie Hernandez 1994

geek meme spock final front ear

He’s a great listener

geek meme klingons 2255 vs 2266

I guess we’ll have to wait and … discover how this makes sense when the new show airs πŸ™‚

That’s it, another round finished! Make sure to beam in your memes from only the best sources like Shane Plays! Well, okay we’re not the best but we’re certainly one of the rest!

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