Yedo: Rule From The Shadows


You sunk my Samurai!

I recently had the chance to play Yedo, a new board game from Pandasaurus Games based on Japanese shenanigans in the 1600s. Yedo is a city if you didn’t know (I didn’t). The Shogun rules from Yedo, giving opportunity for competing clans to curry official favor while striking at each other from the shadows.

This isn’t meant to be a review but just a quick note. I really enjoyed the game and so did the three other players I played with. There are no dice, it’s based purely on strategy and decisions other than a bit of randomness with the town watch, who can throw your disciples into the clink if he strolls through the district they are currently in.

Also, at first I was a bit intimidated with the board and assumed it was going to be a really complicated game (I don’t mind complicated games per se, but that evening we just wanted to bust open a new game and jump in). I’m pleased to say that after a few minutes of one of us reading the rules and a first round that crawled a bit while we got used to things, the remaining rounds flowed well and things gelled quickly.


Official Yedo Game Site

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