Star Trek Fan Films Update! – Radio Show / Podcast Ep. 116

Podcast for the Shane Plays radio show from 9/9/2017:
Star Trek Fan Films Update!

Highlights: Jonathan Lane of Fan Film Factor fills us in on current Star Trek Fan Film news, including Star Trek Continues, Axanar and James Cawley’s Star Trek Film Academy.

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STLV17: Original Series Set Tour Announces ‘Star Trek Film Academy’ For Fans To Learn To Make Episode |

STAR TREK CONTINUES will premiere their final two episodes in NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES! | Fan Film Factor

A history of STAR TREK: RENEGADES – 2016-2017 (feature, part 5) | Fan Film Factor

Pacific 201

Starship Farragut

FIRST FRONTIER releases it newest trailer! (Interview with KENNY SMITH, Part 1) | Fan Film Factor

SMALL ACCESS is now FAN FILM FORUM! | Fan Film Factor

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