Star Trek Continues! – Radio Show / Podcast Episode 20

shane plays podcast title 10-10-2015Podcast for the Shane Plays radio show from 10/10/2015:
Star Trek Continues!

Highlights: Michele Specht, Chuck Huber and Kim Stinger of Star Trek Continues.

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To give more time to Star Trek Continues, no news items this week.


Star Trek Continues

Michele Specht (Dr. McKennah), Chuck Huber (“Bones”) and Kim Stinger (Uhura) of Star Trek Continues!

Star Trek Continues website:

Star Trek Continues YouTube:

“Divided We Stand” (most recent STC episode):

Star Trek Continues Twitter: @TrekContinues

Michele Specht Twitter: @MicheleSpecht

Chuck Huber Twitter: @Chuck_Huber

Kim Stinger Facebook:


Troll Lord Games:

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