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(There Is No) Section Zero 1959! – Episode 178 – Shane Plays Geek Talk

section zero 1959 comic booksPodcast version of the Shane Plays Geek Talk radio show from 2/23/2019:
(There Is No) Section Zero 1959!

Highlights: Shane and Bill may or may not discuss Karl Kesel’s bonkers fun Section Zero 1959 comic book Kickstarter (which doesn’t exist)! They almost talk about Mexican Spider-man! It’s the 10th anniversary of Matt Barton’s Matt Chat and Matt makes a special guest appearance. The Marvel / Netflix / Hulu thing. Plus geek news and all the usual tomfoolery and nonsense! SPECIAL HUGS to Karl Kesel, who was scheduled to join but got laid low by pneumonia (or at least that’s the cover story the MiBs gave us while mashing a cigarette out in a very meaningful way).

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Podcast Zinger is from Shane Plays ATOM RPG Early Access #3 – Otradnoye

Matt Barton’s Matt Chat: 10 Year Anniversary

Listen as Matt Kills A Giant Rat in Ultima I

Section Zero 1959 Kickstarter

Original Section Zero Kickstarter

Hulu Could Revive The Cancelled Marvel-Netflix TV Shows, Eventually |

Season 3 Will Be the Last for FX Series ‘Legion’ | Bleeding Cool

DC Announces ‘DCeased’ |

SPIDER-MAN’s Greatest Mystery: How AMAZING FANTASY #15’s Original Art Ended Up in the Library of Congress | Newsarama

Did Mexican Comics Marry Off Gwen and Spide-Man Rather Than Kill Her? |

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