Post-Apocalyptic Authors! – Radio Show / Podcast Episode 26


shane plays podcast title 11-21-2015

Podcast for the Shane Plays radio show from 11/21/2015:
Post-Apocalyptic Authors!

Highlights: Authors P.R. Principe (Omega Plague: Collapse) and Thomas Kroepfl (ZWD: King of an Empty City); geek news.

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Sword Coast Legends giveaway: Shane is giving away a copy of the D&D computer game Sword Coast Legends! Make tweet mentioning “Sword Coast Legends” to Twitter at @ShanePlays or a comment on the Sword Cost Legends giveaway post pinned to the top of the Shane Plays Facebook page. Winner randomly chosen  Monday, November 30th.


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Shane finally watched Terminator Genisys – what did he think?

Speaking of The Terminator, Arny himself was at a Wal-Mart in NW Arkansas and had some photos taken with the Terminator Genisys display and buying camo and pajamas

Arnold Schwarzenegger at Northwest Arkansas Walmart

Yep, You Can Play Dungeons & Dragons in VR Now

Shane’s friend Keith’s Fallout 4 character is rocking the Wasteland in his skivvies:

Keith Fallout skivvies 1

Keith Fallout skivvies 2

Chris Avellone talks Fallout 3 that never was, including pen & paper origins

Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival introduces a new host
-Also hit $2M kickstarter goal in 6 days
-Does not include former cast members Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett or Mike Nelson

Star Wars:
Star Wars Battlefront: review aggregate
Xbox One: 75, PS4 & PC: 72
How many people did Luke Skywalker kill? Let us count them all.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens countdown: 26 days!


Shane Plays authors PR Principe Thomas Kroepfl Guest Promo Banner

omega plague collapse by PR Principe

Omega Plague: Collapse by P.R. Principe on Amazon.

ZWD King of an Empty City by Thomas Kroepfl

ZWD: King of an Empty City by Thomas Kroepfl on Amazon.


What makes a good computer RPG?

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