shane plays podcast title 2-25-2017

Nintendo Switch! – Radio Show / Podcast Ep. 91

shane plays podcast title 2-25-2017

Podcast for the Shane Plays radio show from 3/11/2017:
Nintendo Switch!

Highlights:  The Nintendo Switch is out! Nintendo’s newest console and the first console intended for both home and portable use… get the latest Switch news plus insight and perspective from indy game dev Johnathan Dixon! 

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Nintendo Switch Is Nintendo’s Fastest-Selling Console Ever In The Americas, Europe, and Australia | Gamespot

Nintendo Switch Has Huge Launch At GameStop, Retailer Says | Gamespot

You Can Expect A Super Smash Bros. Game For Nintendo Switch | Gamespot

People Are Already Trying to Fix the Nintendo Switch’s Dumb Design Issues | Gizmodo

Nintendo prez discusses Switch docks and left Joy-Con issues | Engadget

Yes, Nintendo Switch games really do taste bad on purpose |


Nintendo hit a home run with the Wii and then barely got to first base with the Wii U. They’ve proven they’re not afraid to take risks and their latest console, the Switch, is further proof of that. Designed as both a home console AND a portable console, have they pushed the concept of what console gaming is further yet again or is it back to the drawing board?

Get the latest Switch news on today’s show, plus insight and perspective from indy game dev Johnathan Dixon! 

Nintendo Switch official site:

Modest Arcade (Johnathan Dixon):

Barkley 2 (a game Johnathan is currently working on):

Nintendo Switch


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