malcolm fledge aka kenton paul

Cosplay Con Fraudster Notes – Dec 9, 2017 Shane Plays Geek Talk Show

A few  notes for today’s Shane Plays Geek Talk radio show and podcast.

This cosplay con fraudster literally took money intended for kids with cancer!

Malcolm Fledge AKA Kenton Paul
“Malcolm Kenton Paul”?
Keaton Jacquet Paul?

According to Facebook user relatively short, he may also have hosted an event in Atlanta under the name Stephen Paul that apparently ended very similarly.

Does or has done business under “Fledgetacular Multimedia

Have you seen this man, know his whereabouts or know someone who knows him? LET US KNOW

malcolm fledge aka kenton paul

malcolm fledge aka kenton paul video screen capture

malcolm fledge aka kenton paul mug shot

malcolm fledge aka kenton paul booking info

Cosplay Con Vendors Wait for Payment, Promoter Unreachable | KARK 4 New

Charities Conned Out Of Money During “The” Cosplay Con in Arkansas |

Con Man: Arkansas Convention Organizer Allegedly Took Money And Ran | Bleeding Cool

cosplay con vendor buck

The “vendor buck” used as part of Malcolm Fledge AKA Kenton Paul’s fraud

Correction on the vendor bucks from reddit user fuzzy_one:  “The vendor bucks were handed out to all the contest winners to use at the vendors booths in place of prizes. Everyone else used standard money and Credit Cards to buy things from the vendors.” (The discussion during the show states all vendor transaction were handled via vendor bucks)

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