geek meme name cant be changed later

Attack of the Geek Memes IV!

Oooooooooh yeaaahhhh, more geek memes so fascinatingly terrible you’ll want to share them with your friends after your doctor says you’re ready for discharge!

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geek meme godzilla parents tech problem

Gives you a kaiju sized headache

geek meme cloudzilla

That lizard’s always had his head in the clouds, I tell ya

geek meme dino thesaurus

That’s a huge vocabulary

geek meme squirrel life debt

You would says it’s nuts if you hadn’t seen it yourself

geek meme fallout logic weapon

That NPC is dogmeat

geek meme what if Skyrim was Fallout

I guess you could say it’s definitely a relationship

geek meme saints row 2

Whoever came up with this deserves to be paddled

geek meme name cant be changed later

There’s always a smart butt

geek meme do not use blade to open

Okay make that two smart butts

geek meme death goldeneye

Ironically, the trick to staying alive at this point is DON’T BEAT DEATH

geek meme gandalf this is a boss room

It’s hard to pull one over on Gandalf (and he knows where all the power ups are, too!)

geek meme zelda sword is a burden

(and Zelda is just using you, kid)

geek meme pac-man burn monitor burn in

Look below…

geek meme johnny has a 25 cent habit

… for the kid who played all that Pac-Man!

geek meme selfies in the 90s

I wonder if the idea will stick?

geek meme spider man rotten tomatoes

Tobey has the feat of the best Pete

geek meme drunk kirk

So THAT’s how we got JJ Trek

geek meme pretty fly for a white guy

Don’t let it bug you

geek meme never trust elves

Oh look it’s Elrond he’s eating some nice lettu– GREAT GALLOPING GAZELLES!!!

geek meme adventure time batman

This could drive you batty

geek meme batman s is for stupid

Bats is a super jerk

geek meme batman you wanna get nuts

This scene finally makes sense

geek meme star wars boombox by Enkel Dika

Credit: Enkel Dika

geek meme boba fett pez dispenser

Cool mint flavor (won’t disintegrate)

geek meme short star wars movie


That’s it, another amazing(ly awful) round of geek memes finished! Don’t ignore that itching, burning sensation and the nausea… we advise you to schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately. Tell them you wandered into a wild patch of Shane Plays. After they gasp, they’ll get you fixed right up. (If you made it in time, that is…) 

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