d&d meme I have no memory of this place

Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes VI!

Great googly mooglies, it’s Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes time again! Yes, that wonderful periodic series of posts that is sure to tickle your RPG gamer funny bone and hopefully make you groan once or twice as well.

I take no responsibility for any psychological damage that may result from this post, and if you’re a glutton for punishment remember you can check out all of the previous Attack of the D&D / RPG Memes posts as well!

And awaaayyy we go…

d&d meme original axe body spray

Just a bunch of poseurs today

d&d meme do you want orcs


d&d meme party pooper

That joke stinks

d&d roll initiative

You go barking mad

d&d meme how I feel tall stick in the woods

It starts like this…

d&d meme I have no memory of this place

… quickly devolves into this …

d&d meme put everything into int

… and inevitably ends like this

D&D meme Dave

Every group has a Dave

d&d meme armor types

Always bring protection on a night out (Credit: Chris Trott @trottimus)

d&d meme flock of smeagols

They’re so precious

d&d meme gramma world

With extensive prescription tables

d&d meme if we survive we get xp

Motivation is everything

d&d meme hobbit diet

It’s important to understand these in game terms

d&d meme don't tread on me

Seriously, don’t

d&d meme meta knowledge

Be careful what you ask for…

d&d meme lovekraft

That cheddar’s sharper than you thought

d&d meme dont piss me off

Not as soft as he looks

d&d meme keep calm cast leomunds tiny hut

D&D has an answer for everything

d&d meme skyrim dodged 99 arrows

Adventuring gets a bad rap

d&d star trek is just space fantasy

What, you never realized that?!

That’s it for this time party peoples… catch ya next time if your sanity survived! Thanks for swinging by!

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