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Advertising / Promotion Opportunities

advertise with shane plays megaphone


Are you a business or service that could benefit from exposure to the established audience of a geek-centric pop culture FM radio show and podcast? If you haven’t noticed, the so-called geek market is HUGE right now between movies, TV, games and comic books and only growing.

Shane Plays Geek Talk was recently a “Top Mover” on Stitcher!

Shane Plays Geek Talk is a a proven show of three years that:

  • Broadcasts live on 101.1 FM The Answer on Saturdays to the Little Rock Metro area (potential audience of 700K+)
  • Pushes out a few days later as a podcast
  • Replays on Krypton Radio (24/7 geek Internet radio station)

There are multiple opportunities for your business or service to be promoted!

We’re not looking to just “run an ad” for you, we want to build a successful, ongoing two-way relationship for both of us as we promote your business and events on the show and via social media.

Opportunities include pre-recorded ads and on air spoken endorsements* / promotions. Rates are monthly, but ad agreements undertaken on a quarterly basis if possible. We also accomplish social media advertising / promotion via the Shane Plays social media accounts.

We would love to talk to YOU!

Contact the show and let’s talk!!!

*Note: We will only endorse / promote businesses, products and services we genuinely support.

Also Note: To protect our sponsors’ investments in time and budget, we will only have one ad agreement at a time for similar businesses and services.

For example: We will only engage in one ongoing relationship at any given time with a tabletop game store, but would be open to having both a tabletop game store and a video game store. Alternately: a used game store would be fine alongside a store that does not offer used inventory.

“Game store” is just for example purposes. All types of businesses and services are welcome if it looks like promotion on Shane Plays Geek Talk can be successful for YOU!

Shane and Bill Brackeen river city comic expo rcce August 2015

Shane Plays show studio photo 6-4-2016 Jeff Nodelman Stephanie Straw Stuart Berryhill Justin Nickels
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