Shane Plays Radio/Podcast Episode 14: River City Comic Expo!

Radio Show / Podcast Episode 14: River City Comic Expo!

Shane Plays Radio/Podcast Episode 14: River City Comic Expo!Podcast for Episode 14 of the Shane Plays radio show from 8/29/2015:
River City Comic Expo!

Highlights: Live from the River City Comic Expo in Little Rock! Comic book news and trivia, plus appearances with expo guests and industry professionals!

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DC Comics down over $2 million on planned revenue/expenditure for 2014/2015.
DC Tells Editors, Stop Batgirling, Go Back To Meat And Potatoes

Captain America and Iron Man’s Civil War Teams Revealed


Various trivia & statistics from the comic book industry via discussed during the show.

For example: The total sales for U.S. comics in 2014 was $935 million, including $100 million in digital sales!


From the River City Comic Expo, Arkansas’ Biggest Comic and Entertainment Convention.


Michael Tierney, writer and publisher of the long-running Wild Stars series.

Randy Duncan, professor and author of The Power of Comics.

Stuart Berryhill, comic artist on series such as Man of God and Winter War.

Tracy Wilson of the Diamond Garrison of the 501st Legion, an international Star Wars costuming organization that does good in addition to having fun.

Renee Witterstaetter, writer, colorist and editor. Renee also acts as an artist rep via Eva Ink.

Twitter: @RWitterstaetter
Eva Ink:
Renee on the Comic Book Database:
Renee on Comic Vine:


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