The Dungeon Mastah!

Podcast Episode 7: Perkins & Dragons!

Here’s the podcast for Episode 7 of the Shane Plays radio show from 7/11/2015:
Perkins & Dragons!

Highlights: Chris Perkins, Dungeons & Dragons Story Manager & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.

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The Dungeon Mastah!

The Dungeon Mastah!

New York Times bestselling writer, D&D storyteller, Dungeon Master, and proud owner of a Chiweenie named Milo.

-How Chris got into D&D as a profession
-The cool things he does for D&D other than being the coolest and highest profile Dungeon Master around
-His favorite moment as a DM
-Chris’s responses to questions submitted by redditors
-His favorite D&D setting
-His favorite D&D edition
-And more…

Twitter: @ChrisPerkinsDnD


“The Dungeon Master Experience” article archive on Wizards of the Coast:


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