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Podcast Episode 11: The BattleBards Tale!

shane plays podcast title 8-8-2015Podcast for Episode 11 of the Shane Plays radio show from 8/8/2015:
The BattleBards Tale!

Highlights: Interview with Alex Jarzebinski, Audio Director of BattleBards fantasy audio for tabletop games; geek news items and tidbits.

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Battlebards on Shane Plays Radio

INTERVIEW: BattleBards

Alex Jarzebinski, Audio Director of BattleBards, talks about their Epic fantasy audio and tools for tabletop role playing games (RPGs).


Twitter: @BattleBards


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Gen Con Has Doubled In Size Since 2010
61,423 in 2015!

2015 ENies winners
The Oscars of table top role playing games

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Windows 10: The first 5 things you need to do immediately after you install it
Windows 10 is spying on almost everything you do – here’s how to opt out

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MegaWars logo
MegaWars – David Baity of the online MMO space strategy game with heavy PvP and a cool twist… it resets every 30 days! MegaWars has a rich history over several decades and is being brought into the now!

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