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Sword Coast Legends

Let’s Play Sword Coast Legends Story Mode #42

This episode: Taking down that succubus and her flunky isn't the easiest thing we've done in the game, but we finally manage it only to get waylaid by another fairly tough fight soon after. We recruit a highly unexpected ally, but we'll need to keep en eye on him. Next up: the Evermoors! This a let's play of the ...

D&D Out of the Abyss Notes Title

D&D Out of the Abyss Notes #50

This Episode: The last stand of the Pudding King as the Battle of Blingdenstone finishes! What happens if a gelatinous cube engulfs... another gelatinous cube?! The ins and outs of green slime. Taking damage at 0 hit points. Glabagool turns a major corner. Rocktopus submissions! This is an ongoing series of ...