geek meme point lightsaber at face

Attack of the Geek Memes II!

Oh yeah, baby, here we go again! Another installment of geek memes to tickle both your funny bone and possibly enrich your therapist. 

If you like this kind of thing (what, are you a masochist?), make sure to check out all the other posts in the Shane Plays memes series.

Here we go! Why not start get things started with Spock?

geek meme star trek han solo

Unexpected… but somehow eminently logical

geek meme starfleet eye chart

Eye like the D best, myself

geek meme star trek dowager

Lost in the Downton Quadrant

geek meme star trek mona lisa

She might lose that mysterious smile if she knew what was slated for the next away team

geek meme Star Trek Snoopy

Here’s the world famous Woodstock with a Scottish brogue

geek meme nintendo controller evolution

We have the fossil record to prove it

geek meme pooh shaka when the walls fell

Darmok, when the Pooh fell

geek meme aliens facehugger history channel

Will someone please stop egging this guy on

geek meme family facehuggers

The good news is you won’t need to worry about cholesterol

geek meme welcome aboard

Show your potential employer you’re a good fit as soon as possible in the interview. Send me $5 and I’ll show you how.

geek meme star wars best shooting face

I have no caption that can top image #3

geek meme star wars tell your sister i hate sand

It gets everywhere

geek meme darth vader choking hazard

Talk about redundant warning labels

geek meme darth vader if you could just join the dark side

Worse boss ever, he forces me to read the TPS reports

geek death star piracy

The Emperor won’t buy your “you still have a copy so I didn’t really steal anything” argument. Even if he did, he really likes his force lightning

geek meme point lightsaber at face

The rarely spoken of First Jedi Trial

geek meme collapsing floor cubes

Good thing I don’t drink anymore

geek meme superman batman crushing cans

Supes why ya gotta crush Batman’s ego in public like that?

geek meme im batman

But don’t quote him on that

geek meme real life checkers

What, you never thought about it?!

That’s it for this installment, party peoples! Thanks for memeing with Shane Plays Airlines.

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